Telmetrics for TapClicks

See the complete impact of your campaigns on every channel and in one place

Effortless decision-making with all analytics in one place

See all call data in one place, increasing productivity and improving marketing performance


“Less the half of marketers feel confident they have an integrated marketing stack”

the accuracy and reliability of a direct integration with TapClicks
results of all campaigns with call response data and adjust marketing strategy to generate more leads
your campaign performance with and adjust your bidding with insight into PPC cost-per-call
marketing tactics with timely information campaigns

One place for all ad results, across all channels

Once the integration is activated, call response data will flow into your TapClicks dashboard.

Customize the dashboard to fit your reporting needs with detailed campaign performance down to the ad level including, the call duration, time of call, average PPC cost-per-call, and more. 

Compare social media networks, search, and display to see your highest performers, based on the quality of leads they drove.

You can see the quality of leads right on the dashboard, by using your call duration benchmark as the standard.

Speak with our Customer Success team to discover how Telmetrics for TapClicks can lift your measurable ROI.
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