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Increase your touchpoints for more conversions

Reach out to connect with texts

Connect with customers the way they prefer and in the app you already use. Our text-to-chat integration for Slack improves the customer experience with speedy responses by live agents, always at a ready to give the right answer.

The Slack chat interface puts the expertise of the whole company at the fingertips of customer service agents through multiple channels for multiple ongoing conversations. If there’s a question the agents can’t answer, a quick message to a colleague puts the right response close at hand and creates a seamless customer experience for even the most challenging inquiries.

The all-in-one, user-friendly environment, our chat integration supports smooth communication with customers and with fellow team members.

Attract more leads
with the channel mobile consumers prefer
Engage leads
with a natural way to stay in touch via text
Increase conversions
by responding fast and staying connected
Streamline the sales process
with the chat app you already have

How Slack works to connect more customers

The open rate for texts nears 100%, giving you a channel that you know connects with customers. Include an opportunity to text on any ad, landing page or email and boost the rate of response across all tactics on the same ad spend.

It’s effortless to implement on every channel, ad or landing page. When a consumer clicks “text us” and sends a text, this new conversation pops up immediately as a channel on your Slack application with a notification message.

You don't use Slack?

Respond to inbound text messages with any of our other chat app integrations
Speak with our Customer Success team to explore how Slack boosts customer engagement and conversions.

Boost the ROI of your advertising campaigns with these other features.

  • Mindy S.
    Senior Marketing Strategist
    Trusted partner
    Telmetrics has been a valued partner for many years. We have been able to create custom solutions for our clients and answered some of their marketing questions through Telmetrics' offerings.
  • Robyn W.
    Vice President Business Development and Internet Solutions
    Visibility into the best marketing medium
    Customers are able to decide through tracking, their best marketing medium. The call detail reports are easy to load into their customer database so the client can find out if a call resulted in a sale with relative ease.