Telmetrics for Marin

Stream all call and text data into one dashboard and save valuable time

Reduce wasted ad spend with a full view on consumer behavior

Reliable data on all call and text responses gives marketers confidence in their decision-making

the accuracy and reliability of an integration with Marin
results of all campaigns with call and text response data and adjust bidding strategy to generate more leads
bidding strategy with accurate and reliable data on offline interactions
bid strategy based on keyword performance, ad creative, and ad placement

Lift Conversion Rates with Offline Responses and Track Results

See the lift in conversion rates from engaging consumers with offline responses and tracking those responses for full attribution data.

Marketers can drill down to the ad and keyword level and see how many new versus existing contacts responded.

Tracking offline responses to ads and campaigns leads to an immediate lift of 37% in measurable ROI for our clients.

Seen as a driver of business growth, marketers are empowered to drive it higher with evidence-based decision-making.

Speak with our Customer Success team to discover how Telmetrics for Marin can lift your measurable ROI.
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    Gives you an easy way to track your results and plan the future of your business.
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