Telmetrics for
Google Analytics

Insights on online to offline interactions with call response data right in your Google Analytics and Google Universal Analytics

Let's analyze the 40 million calls Google Ads drives to businesses each month

What happens if you’re not measuring calls? You won’t be making the optimal use of your marketing spend. Add call response data to your Google Analytics dashboard to see which channel, campaign, keyword or advertising creative is driving the most calls. Scale for campaigns of any size with any number of keywords.

Target ads
geographically with local numbers
search campaigns with data on all types of response
Analyze behavior
of the website visitor before and after they called you
key performing campaigns

Fully integrated:

the most incisive view of offline and online responses

Our integration is linked together on more points to connect decisively call response data to online activity pre-call. Gain insight into the online activity that drove the call or text and optimize your marketing accordingly.

Be confident that all your actions are based on robust, reliable data that leads to decisions based on reality, not instinct or bias.

Discover how our Google Analytics and Google Universal Analytics integration closes the loop on offline response.
  • Sloan M.
    Manager, Business Intelligence
    Validate ROI with our customers
    Telmetrics has allowed us to validate ROI to our clients by giving us the capability to measure call leads to our clients system
  • Anatoly V.
    Product Management Professional
    Great company, great customer service
    The company is committed to providing excellent service to their clients with a dedicated account manager as well as members of product development and software development teams ready to address our requests.