Telmetrics for
Google AdWords

See the complete impact of your paid search campaigns

Effortless search attribution for call and message extensions

Track all calls and texts generated by your Google ads effortlessly, and increase your measurable ROI using accurate and reliable attribution.


the accuracy and reliability of a direct integration with AdWords

real-time results of AdWords campaigns and adjust bid strategy immediately to generate more calls and texts
your average cost per call or text at the keyword, ad, and ad group level
bid strategy immediately to generate more calls and texts

Real-time flow of ad results

Once activated and set up, all call and text response data will appear on the Google AdWords dashboard, so you can immediately view all information in one place. 

No need to be an expert software developer to set it up. Copy and paste a snippet of code we provide onto your web page with the call tracking number and watch the call and text attribution data appear immediately.

Digital ad spend is expected to increase 147% in the next year, and to take full advantage of the mobile-first consumer, data on call and message extensions will become absolutely necessary for fact-based and results-driven decision making. 

Speak with our Customer Success team to discover how Telmetrics for Google AdWords can lift your measurable ROI.
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