Delivers full visibility into leads generated by Facebook.

Share call, text, and chat response intelligence

Our integration plugs fully into Facebook and shares all call and text attribution data, so you can optimize your campaigns for the entire buyer’s journey. Improve campaign performance by viewing all the calls and texts driven by Facebook ads in one place and optimize the ads with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Target your audience
with enhanced data on callers and conversations
View all data in one place
with Facebook business manager through offline events or the ad
Gain accurate, granular attribution
down to the keyword, advertisement, and campaign
Optimize your marketing
through a complete omnichannel view of all touch points

Engage with customers:

online to offline

Our integration gives you in-site reporting on Facebook with all the full benefits of Dynamic Number Insertion. 

True visibility into the source of the call

Accurate data with smart pool technology

Callers connect with your business only through dedicated number pools

Speak with our Customer Success team to discover how Response Analytics for Facebook integration can improve the impact of your social media advertising.
  • Sloan M.
    Manager, Business Intelligence
    Validate ROI with our customers
    Telmetrics has allowed us to validate ROI to our clients by giving us the capability to measure call leads to our clients system
  • Anatoly V.
    Product Management Professional
    Happy customers
    They went out of their way to work with carriers to improve the quality of calls for certain remote areas in Canada and made our clients happy.