Telmetrics for
DoubleClick Search

Add your call response data to DoubleClick Search to take charge of your bid management solution

Brimming with data to boost marketing

Get the most comprehensive view of keyword performance with Telmetrics for DoubleClick Search. Our integration adds call response data to your DoubleClick dashboard, so bids and rules can be set based on robust, reliable data from offline and online behavior and continuously optimized.

the campaigns, ads or keywords that are the highest performers
View all
your call and web analytics in a single place to simplify bid management
search campaigns by informed decision-making
reporting to filter answered from unanswered calls.

Enter into post-digital:

see clicks and calls together

The first step to integrating digital marketing is to add offline calls into online platforms and see the customer journey as one seamless and continuous experience between online and offline marketing. 

Clicks and calls come together on the DoubleClick dashboard to match online behavior with offline responses. Using floodlight tags, filter calls with increased granularity to see answered versus unanswered calls.

Speak with our Customer Success team to discover how to integrate offline and online results with Telmetrics for DoubleClick Search.
  • Sloan M.
    Manager, Business Intelligence
    Validate ROI with our customers
    Telmetrics has allowed us to validate ROI to our clients by giving us the capability to measure call leads to our clients system
  • Anatoly V.
    Product Management Professional
    On top of technology advances
    The company stays on top of technology advances and is offering automated call scoring features that analyze customer conversations and automatically score whether a caller is a lead or non-lead.