Respond to Leads Faster with Chat

Give customers the option to respond to your ads with texting and provide your sales agents with the tools to continue the conversation via a chat solution of your choice.

Better consumer experience, more effective sales agents

Every mobile consumer has their preferred way of responding to an ad in the moment. When consumers are contacting the advertiser via text or webchat, responding to all inbound text and chat leads may become an operational challenge. Our flexible solutions for chat and text allow sales agents to pick up all inbound text and webchat leads via one internal chat interface and on any device. We offer integrations with many chat platforms and can also direct the leads to flow into another platform of your choice.

A consumer searches for a product or service

Reviews the ad offer

Chooses to call, text or chat

A consumer connects via a native texting app

The sales agent responds
in his chat app

Engage inbound chat and text leads with any of our chat app integrations



Use chat to respond quickly

We developed our chat app integrations to help the sales teams respond to all of your inbound leads at scale. With an easy-to-use chat app, sales agents can respond to a large number of inbound leads at the same time, immediately connecting with consumers.

Chat apps help improve operations in many ways:

Greet the lead immediately when a chat/text message comes in

Consult with colleagues behind the scenes and be ready to answer any questions

Quickly respond to appointment confirmation inquiries

Store chat history just like you store call recordings

We take care of implementation and provide granular reporting

We support response tracking programs of all sizes, some generate just a few leads per day and others – thousands. We offer flexible options to implement Response Analytics for chat and have the dedicated support necessary to make enabling and tracking all types of responses an easy choice.

  • Sloan M.
    Manager, Business Intelligence
    Validate ROI with our customers
    Telmetrics has allowed us to validate ROI to our clients by giving us the capability to measure call leads to our clients system
  • Mindy S.
    Senior Marketing Strategist
    Proof that advertising is generating calls and leads
    We are able to provide our clients with proof that their advertising is generating calls and leads. We have been able to help our clients solve internal customer service issues as well as identify business trends that they may not have identified.

Add chat

Chat with leads and convert them via the communication channel of their choice.