Response Analytics

Cross-channel attribution and engagement

Enable and measure all types of ad response from smartphones and get higher ROI on existing advertising spend.

Consumers want to reach you the way they want to reach you. Today, they control the conversation. We used to measure phone calls. Now, we measure all the ways a consumer can reach an advertiser with their phone.

We catch all incoming interactions and run them through our interpretation engine to deliver deep insights not only on how you are generating response, but also what that response leads to.

— We call it Response Analytics

How we do it

We make it as easy as possible for consumers to initiate a conversation with the business when they see an ad.

Next, we provide attribution on all lead sources, down to the keyword and ad creative.

We increase engagement by helping you add more ways to connect to your existing landing pages and other media.

Finally, we interpret all consumer responses and interactions with the business and offer opportunities for better decision making.

10+ ways

consumers can respond to your ad from their mobile phone

Let’s discuss how you can capture all types of consumer response and increase ROI on media you are already buying.

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